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WorkSafe Victoria integration allows physiotherapists using PracSuite to submit claims from the Invoice screen via the Medipass integration. Once claims are approved by WorkSafe Victoria, invoices in PracSuite will automatically be paid off.

Before submitting WorkSafe Victoria claims via PracSuite, you will need to ensure that this type of claiming has been enabled for all relevant providers within your Medipass account. Click here for further instructions.

Enabling WorkSafe Victoria Integration

Go to Settings > Integration > Medipass and ensure that WorkSafe Victoria is enabled for all API keys that require WorkSafe Victoria claiming.

Go to Settings > Billing > Item Codes and ensure that the WorkSafe Victoria Claiming Option is enabled on all relevant Item Codes. Only enter an Override Code if the Item Code field does not already contain the Item Code that needs to be sent to WorkSafe Victoria for this service.

Submitting WorkSafe Victoria Claims

To submit WorkSafe Victoria Claims, the patient account that you're billing against must have a WorkSafe Victoria claim/approval number recorded, which can be added via the Accounts tab of the patient file. These values will be sent to Medipass when submitting the claim.

Provided the above steps have all been completed, you will see the WorkSafe Victoria Claiming option on the invoice screen.

Note: Before starting the claiming process, we recommend downloading any relevant documents, such as Certificate of Capacity or AHRR forms, that need to be uploaded to WorkSafe Victoria.

If both the Medipass and Tyro integrations are enabled, this option will be found in the Medipass claim menu.

You will then be stepped through the Medipass process of submitting the claim.

Once WorkSafe Victoria has processed the claim, the approved or declined response will automatically be sent to PracSuite. If approved, the invoice in PracSuite will automatically be paid off with a bank transfer payment.

All WorkSafe Victoria claims submitted via the integration will be recorded in the Medipass tab of the patient file and on the Medipass report.

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