Creating SMS Templates
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2. You can create folders to store and categorise your SMS templates. Folders can be created by clicking Edit.

Click Add Folder.

Type in a name for the folder.

Then Save to confirm your changes.

3. Click Add Template to create a new template.

4. Type your template text in the Template area. The Client Fields drop-down menus can be used to insert fields in your messages. Simply select a field from a drop-down and it will be inserted into your template for use. The relevant information will be populated when sending SMS in PracSuite.

5. A preview of your SMS template is shown to the right. There is also a character count below the template area. A single SMS message is 160 characters in length. Longer SMS Messages can be created but will require multiple SMS credits to send.

6. Choose a Description for the SMS Template and choose the Folder, if any, you'd like the SMS Template to be saved in. Here we are storing our template in the Appointment Reminder Templates Folder created in Step 2 previously.

7. Click Save to finalize your template changes.

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