The Chat function provides a fast way to communicate with other PracSuite users. The chat window is available in the bottom right corner of every screen in PracSuite.

Clicking the chat icon will open the window.

Enabling Chat

If the Chat function isn't visible, you may need to enable the function, or your user account may not have permission to use the function.

To enable Chat, navigate to the top right-hand corner of the screen, hover over your username, and select Chat. The Chat icon will now appear in the bottom right-hand corner.

Starting a Chat

To begin messaging, select the Chat icon and then the New Chat button.

Note: Chat history is stored for 30 days, at which point they are automatically deleted.

Select who to chat with, a single user or multiple users. Once selected, click on Create Chat

You can also chat with everyone in the database (with chat access) or users with access to specific businesses. Select the Channels tab at the top and then select the channel you would like to enter.


Type your message into the message box and press Enter or select the Paper Plane.

Use the Smiley Plus icon to add emoji to your message. Hovering over a message allows you to use the same icon to react with an emoji of your choice or delete a message you have sent.

Your most recent conversations will be shown in the left-hand bar of the chat screen. Select them to move between conversations.

Channel Settings

Hover over a chat or channel and select the cog to customise the conversation.

You can see all the users inside of the chat, Mute or Leave a chat, and multi-user chats can also rename the chat group using the Pencil icon.

Chat Settings

Clicking the Settings icon will allow you to customise your chat preferences.

You can customise the following preferences:

  • Chat Username Display preference (full name or display name)

  • Show Dock when there are unread messages (if the Dock is set to auto-hide)

  • Open Chat window when receiving a message

  • Play a sound when receiving a message

  • Flash tab name when receiving a new message

Browser Notifications

PracSuite includes the option to receive browser notifications for new chat messages. This can be useful if you're working in other applications while PracSuite is minimised.

To enable browser notifications, visit the Chat settings page as shown above and select Enable Browser Notifications.

Your browser will then prompt you to confirm that you wish to enable these notifications.

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