Tags can be used to filter clinical notes and patients for clinical or marketing purposes. Tags can be grouped within Tag Categories.

To set up Tag Categories, navigate to the Main Menu > Settings > General > Tag Categories.

The Tag Categories menu shows a list of all the current task categories with their assigned tag colours. To add a new category, click edit.

Clicking add will create a new tag category, where a name, colour and subcategory can all be assigned. You can also delete the tag category by clicking the trash icon. Click save to create the new category.

To create new Tags, navigate to the Tags section in the left menu bar. All the available tags are shown together with their category.

Clicking Add will create a new tag at the bottom of the list, where it can be named and assigned a Tag Category by clicking the dropdown menu. A tag can be deleted by clicking the trash icon, on the right.

Click Save to create your new tag.

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