The Outstanding Clinical Notes widget provides a quick and easy way to view any clinical notes that have not been completed.

To install the widget, navigate to Customise > Outstanding Clinical Notes on your home page and drag the icon to your desired location on the dashboard. The widget will automatically refresh and update, displaying any clinical notes that have not been completed.

Click on the patient record in the widget to go directly to the patient's clinical note area.

If you've completed a clinical note, but the patient is still appearing in your Oustanding Clinical Notes widget, it's important to check that the Location, Practitioner and Date of the clinical note match the appointment.

To confirm that the details of an existing clinical note are correct, click on the patient in the Outstanding Clinical Notes widget, which will take you to the Clinical Notes tab of the patient file.

In the clinical note timeline, double-check that the Location, Practitioner and Date match the appointment exactly.

Use the practitioner drop-down or date and time calendar icon to correct any discrepancies. Click Save when done.

In the case of multi-location businesses, make sure that both the Practitioner and Business match the appointment. The Business selected in the top right-hand side of the screen is used to set the Business when creating new clinical notes.

It is possible to enable a prompt to select your active Business each time you log into PracSuite so that the correct location is selected at the start of each day. Click here for more info on how to enable this setting.

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