The Practitioner Queue displays a list of patient appointments where the appointment status has been set to 'arrived', 'in session' or any custom 'in queue' appointment statuses.

The Practitioner Queue can be accessed in two ways:

Practitioner Queue for Admin Staff

Admin staff members can access the practitioner queue in the bottom left-hand corner of the appointment book.

Any appointments with an in queue status will be displayed in the list.

Use the filter icon to choose which practitioners to display and how to group the list.

Select Save to finalise your changes.

Practitioner Queue for Practitioners

The practitioner queue sits in the bottom right-hand corner of the PracSuite page.

If you don't see this icon, confirm that the user account has been linked to their practitioner file.

To add a patient to the queue, set their appointment status to Arrived in the appointment book.

Depending on the practitioner queue settings for an individual practitioner, a sound may be played or the queue will automatically open when a patient is added to the queue.

Clicking the Settings icon in the menubar will reveal options to customise alert notifications, change the order of the patients in the queue and set a default Quick Action when you click the patient.

A Quick Action can be set when you click the patient name in the Practitioner Queue such as going directly to the patient's clinical notes, opening the patient file, viewing the appointment details, patient billing, rebooking an appointment or opening the action menu.

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