SMS messages can be sent to patients in bulk via several reports in PracSuite. For example, this could be for recall notices, to send a broadcast to all patients (e.g. COVID information) or to message new patients thanking them for their visit a week after their appointment.

The following reports currently support sending SMS in bulk:

  • Activity

  • Appointment

  • Day List

  • Future Appointments

  • Waiting List

  • Active / Inactive Patients

  • Birthdays

  • Messages

  • Client List

  • Recalls

  • Tasks

Once you've applied your chosen filters and generated a report, select the Send Message button and select SMS to target patients displayed in the Results grid.

The Send Bulk SMS window will appear detailing how many total patients with mobile numbers from the report results will be targeted. You can manage who will receive the bulk SMS using the Edit Recipients button. Patients that have an SMS marketing status of soft opt-out or opt-out will be filtered out by default.

You can either compose a message ad-hoc or insert an existing template.

After composing your message and editing recipients (if required), select Next to proceed to the final step.

You can choose to Send Now or Schedule Send, which allows your message to be sent at a later time.

Scheduled SMS can be cancelled or rescheduled via the Tools > SMS > Scheduled SMS page.

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