PracSuite provides tools to send SMS in bulk via reports, which you can read more about here. The bulk SMS feature is often used to send marketing messages like promotions and birthday wishes.

If a client does not want to receive marketing SMS, the SMS marketing status on their client file can be set to opt-out.

When using the bulk SMS functions via reports, clients whose marketing status is set to opt-out will automatically be excluded from receiving the SMS.

Note: A client's marketing status does not affect appointment reminders and ad-hoc SMS. It will only impact bulk SMS sent via reports.

PracSuite also includes tools to automatically set a client's SMS marketing status to opt-out when an SMS reply is received with keywords such as STOP or Unsubscribe. This feature is enabled for all PracSuite users by default.

To manage this feature, go to Settings > PracSuite Account > SMS

Here, you can disable the feature (not recommended) as well as customising which reply phrases trigger the automatic opt-out on the client's file.

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