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Using the Physitrack Integration
Using the Physitrack Integration
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PracSuite integrates with exercise prescription and Telehealth solution Physitrack. Key features include:

  • prescribing exercise programs

  • tracking patient outcomes in real-time (incl. 60+ outcome measures)

  • educating patients through 3D anatomical animations

  • having secure Telehealth video calls with your patients

  • helping patients stay on track with their exercises with Physitrack's free PhysiApp patient app

Using the integration, practitioners can quickly create and open Physitrack patient profiles directly from PracSuite patient files, with PDFs of prescribed exercise programs automatically saved to the patient's Clinical Notes tab in PracSuite.

This article covers:

Signing up for a Physitrack account

To sign up to Physitrack, please visit If your practice has 10+ practitioners, please contact Physitrack at for a group account.

PracSuite users save and pay only $12.99p/m to subscribe to Physitrack. To receive this discount, be sure to use discount code FD40 when signing up.

Enabling the integration and creating your API Key

To enable the Physitrack integration, go to Settings > Integrations > Physitrack.

An API key must be created within PracSuite for each practitioner that wishes to use the Phystirack integration. Select Add to create a new API key and then select the appropriate practitioner from the drop-down menu.

Once the API key has been generated in PracSuite, it must be linked to a corresponding Physitrack account. Use the Copy button to copy the API key.

Log into the corresponding Physitrack account and select your username in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and then select Settings.

Scroll down to the Integrations section and select PracSuite from the 'Synchronise my patient data from' list.

Paste the API key generated in PracSuite into the API key field and select Save Changes.

Return to PracSuite and select the Verify button to confirm that your API key has been entered into Physitrack successfully.

Accessing Physitrack via Clinical Notes

Once the integration is enabled for a practitioner, they will see a Physitrack button at the top of the Clinical Notes tab of the patient file.

⚠️ Note: The Physitrack button will only appear to practitioners whose files have been linked to their user account.

Selecting the Physitrack button will either create a new patient profile or open an existing patient profile in Physitrack.

Receiving Exercise Prescription PDFs

After prescribing exercises in Physitrack, a PDF of the exercises will automatically be added to the patient's Clinical Note timeline.

Receiving the prescribed exercise PDF will not trigger a completed clinical note unless selecting the option below. As most practitioners create a clinical note separate from the exercise PDF, we recommend leaving this option unchecked.

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