At the end of the financial year, many users ask how PracSuite can help prepare their business for tax purposes. There is one report that is essential to run after COB on June 30 – that is the Account Balance Report.

It is important that this report is run (or scheduled) at the close of business June 30th as this report cannot be back-dated and will only report the outstanding amounts and credits as of the current date and time.

The Account Balance Report is found under Report > Billing > Account Balance.

This report will list all patients with Outstanding amounts and credits, with three report Types available to select:

  • Summary: Lists all patients and payers with an outstanding amount or credit, providing a summary breakdown for un-issued amounts, the age and total owing.

  • Detailed: Lists all patients and payers with an outstanding amount or credit, with the same breakdown as the 'Summary' type, however the 'Detailed' view also details each outstanding item.

  • Practitioner Totals: Lists the total amount owed to each practitioner, where items have been raised for that practitioner but left outstanding.

For multi-business environments, this report includes an option to Group By each Business, so these same break-downs are separated per business/location.

Printing or previewing and saving this report as a PDF is essential. Exporting to .CSV or Excel format is also available.

Remember, this report should be run after your COB on June 30th! For more information on scheduling a report please see:

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