PracSuite's Online Booking System offers the ability to take a payment when a patient books online. PracSuite offers the ability to collect either the full fee or a deposit at the time of booking.

Please note that online payments may not be suitable for all services, so consideration should be given before enabling this feature. Accepting payment at the time of booking is generally ideal for non-claimable services i.e. when you are not processing a Medicare Bulk Bill, Workcover or other insurance claims for the service.


Online payments are facilitated via PracSuite's integration with Medipass. To enable online payments in PracSuite, you will need to:

  1. Create a Medipass account

  2. Enable card payments in your Medipass account

  3. Configure the Medipass integration in PracSuite

  4. Familiarise yourself with Medipass transaction fees

Provided the above steps are complete, follow the steps below to enable online payments.

Enabling online payments

Online payments are enabled in Settings > Online Bookings > Online Booking Overview.

After enabling online bookings, you will be notified if particular businesses are not linked to a Medipass API key. Online payments will not be available for these businesses, meaning that if you choose to require online payments, patients will be unable to complete the online booking process.

Configuring online payments per service

Online payments can be enabled per Online Booking Service and per Appointment Type.

Select the Settings icon to manage payments for this online Appointment Type.

In the popup window, you will need to choose your online payment preferences. This includes:

  • Specifying whether payment is required or optional

  • Allowing the patient to pay in full when requesting a deposit

  • Payment Type (Deposit Percentage, Deposit Fee or Full Fee)

  • Payment Explanation - outline to your patients why you are requesting payment at the time of booking

Scenarios where accepting full payment may be suitable:

  • Patients paying in full privately

  • Patient claiming privately with their health fund (i.e. a claim is not processed via health find claiming terminals)

  • When submitting Medicare Patient Claims

Scenarios where accepting a deposit may be suitable:

  • Where the final fee is unknown at the time of the booking

  • Reserving funds for late cancellations or no shows (with the option to apply the payment to an invoice or refund it via Medipass)

  • Reserving funds for a gap amount to be paid on the date of service. In this case, the deposit should be the gap amount or less to avoid having to provide refunds.

Once the above selections are made, select Save to finalise your changes.

Repeat this process for all Appointment Types and services that you wish to collect online payment for.

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