When a form has been completed by a patient, a notification will be displayed in the Alerts section.

Select the form alert to start processing the patient's responses into their patient file.

If a form is not already associated with a patient, you will be asked to link the form to a new or existing patient file.

Once associated with a patient file, the patient's responses (excluding confidential fields) will be displayed.

Forms containing patient account fields or confidential fields will require you to select the Treating Practitioner and Account that the form relates to.

You will also need to resolve any conflicts that arise between the existing patient file data and the information collected on the form.

Use the Accept All Changes to overwrite the existing patient file information with the information provided by the patients. Alternatively, scroll through the patient's form responses to manually resolve conflicts.

Once all conflicts have been resolved, select Save to finalise the process and update the patient file accordingly.

Completed forms can be viewed on the Forms tab of the patient file.

If a form contains Treatment Consent and Privacy Policy fields, the corresponding fields on the patient file will be updated accordingly with links to the relevant form.

Any form responses marked with Add to Clinical Notes will also appear in the patient's clinical notes timeline with a yellow banner as shown below.

When sending form links to patients via appointment confirmations and reminders, a form icon will also be displayed on the appointment to indicate a completed form.

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