Along with syncing your entire patient list to Mailchimp, reports in PracSuite also allow you to apply tags to your contacts in Mailchimp. Using the tags in your Mailchimp account, you can target specific patients with our email campaigns.

The majority of the reports in PracSuite include the ability to add tags to patients that appear in your report criteria.

After selecting a report, selecting your filters and generating your report results, select the Mailchimp button to apply tags to the patients' corresponding Mailchimp contact.

You will need to select the tag within your Mailchimp account that you would like to apply to the patients/contacts. Select the + icon next to the Mailchimp tags menu to create a new tag in your Mailchimp account.

Using the Action menu, you have the choice of:

  • Add - Applies the tag to the selected contacts in Mailchimp. Any existing contacts in Mailchimp with this tag will retain the tag.

  • Replace - The tag will be removed from contacts in Mailchimp that currently have the tag and the tag will be added only to the contacts appearing in the report results.

Select Add to finalise the process.

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