There are often scenarios, in particular involving third-party payers, where invoices have been raised for services provided to patients, but you're not ready to send the invoices to the payer.

The Hold Invoices function is designed to assist in these scenarios so that these owing invoices do not get sent out when using the Outstanding Invoices report, as well as the NDIS bulk export.

To enable the Hold Invoices feature, open the patient or payer file and go to the Accounts tab. In the Invoice & Statement Options section, enable the Hold Invoices setting.

Note: enabling this on a payer file will place all outstanding invoices across all linked patients on hold.

When sending invoices in bulk using the Outstanding Invoices report, any invoices on accounts that have been put on hold will not filter into the report by default. You will need to adjust the filter if you wish to include the invoices on hold.

You can also use the filter highlighted above to search for invoices that have been placed on hold to ensure you're staying on top of them.

When you're ready to include these invoices, you can disable the Hold Invoices setting on the relevant patient or payer.

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