Once a clinical note is saved and marked as complete, PracSuite begins tracking any changes made to it. When a revision is on a clinical note, you will see the history icon and a last edited message which includes the user who last edited the note.

Hovering over the message reveals a button that will allow you to view the revisions and original note.

When viewing the revisions, scroll through to reveal previous versions with the original completed note at the bottom.

💡 Note that edits to drafts are not stored. Revisions only occur when editing a completed note.

Revision Period

From Settings > Clinical Notes > Clinical Notes, you can set the Edit/Revision period for users with the Edit permission. The revision period can be 1-12, 24 or 48 hours.

Role Permissions

A PracSuite user with the System Administrator Role can always edit a note at any time. A Role can be configured to have the following permissions relating to revisions:

  • Edit Notes - allows a user to edit a note once it has been saved as complete during the revision period

  • Edit Notes After Revision Period - allows a user to edit a note once the revision period has expired

There are also options to enable editing notes written by other practitioners, as well as editing the author or date of a note.

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