After configuring online bookings in PracSuite, the next step is generally to add your standard booking URL to your website e.g.

In addition to your standard booking URL, PracSuite allows you to create specific booking URLs for an individual location, service or practitioner. For example, if you have practitioner profile pages on your website, you can create a direct booking URL for each practitioner to add to their profile page. The same can be done to book at a specific location or to book a specific service.

Finding a Direct URL

To find a link, go to the relevant page, e.g. Settings > Online Booking > Services (or Locations or Practitioners)

Hover over an entry; on the right, you will have a Copy and an Open button.

Open to preview how the page will look. In the above example, clients will skip the location option and automatically be booked into the Adelaide City location.

Copy the URL, which you can then pass on to your web developer to add a "Book at Adelaide City" styled button on a specific page on your website.

Exporting Direct URLs in Bulk

Rather than copy each link one by one, if you want to get a separate link for all Locations, for example, you can use the Export Direct Booking Links button at the top of the relevant page to produce a spreadsheet that has every link you need. This makes it easy to pass on to your web developer to put in the direct booking buttons on your website.

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