The ACC integration allows users in New Zealand to export a CSV file directly from PracSuite containing claimable items. This CSV file can be uploaded directly to the ACC 'SendInvoice' app to submit claims in bulk.

Click here to read through information from ACC about how to register and download the ACC SendInvoice app.

Enabling the ACC Integration

To enable this integration, go to Settings > Integrations > ACC.

After enabling the integration, you will need to ensure that the ACC Claiming Option is enabled on all item codes that you bill under ACC.

Go to Settings > Billing > Item Codes and select an item that you will bill to ACC.

Under the Claiming Options header, enable ACC. You only need to fill in the Override Code if the Item Code field does not already contain the item code that applicable to ACC.

Patient File Requirements

The patient's account must have a Claim No. entered on their Accounts tab.

Creating a New Bulk ACC Export

Go to Reports > Integrations > ACC Bulk Export.

Select New Bulk Export.

Use the filters to narrow down what billed items to include on the export. Note that items that have already been added to another ACC export will be excluded by default.

Select Find Items to search for any ACC claimable items matching your filters. Any ACC items that have been billed per your report filters will be displayed.

Select Save & Download to generate the CSV export for upload to ACC.

Paying Off Previous ACC Exports

Go to Reports > Integrations > ACC Bulk Exports.

Use the filters to find the previously generated export that you wish to pay off.

From the report results, select the export you wish to pay and then select Payment.

The payment screen will appear for you to apply the payment accordingly.

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