General System Settings
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When accessing your PracSuite account for the first time, you will need to configure settings that relate to your organisation.

2. Customise your contact information, which will be used for Smartsoft to communicate with your practice.

3. Choose your preferred patient descriptor, country, time zone, name display order, currency, tax label, tax rate.

If you will be treating patients from other countries, you can turn on the optional 'show country in addresses' switch, which will allow you to set the country per patient. With this option turned off, all patients will use your main system country.

Choose to enable the Extended Gender list to provide more choice for patient genders.

4. Choose your letter tag formats for SMS, Email, Letter and Clinical Note templates.

5. Choose your preferred way to generate patient file numbers

6. Choose your general organisation logo, which will only be used for display purposes within PracSuite

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