Family members can be linked on patient files for quick referencing and group billing.

Ideally, you should start by opening the parent's patient file and selecting the Contacts menu. Select Edit and then select Add Family.

The search menu will open where you can search for an existing or new patient file belonging to the family member.

After selecting the family member's file, they will now be added to the list of family members.

The notes fields can be used to store additional information about family members and their relationship with one another.

On the main Client Details tab, links to family members' patient files will be displayed in the Family section. These links will be displayed on all family members' patient files.

In addition to simply storing links to family members, it is also possible to set up Family Billing and Family Online Booking. Click below for further details.

If creating a patient file for a family member is not appropriate, it is also possible to store contact information for family members and other related contacts, like case managers, as Contacts. Learn how to create patient Contacts here.

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