From the Reports menu, see your dashboard and create custom reports on billing, clients, appointments, clients and more.


Your Dashboard is a powerful reporting utility that allows you to customise widgets such as graphs, tables, and KPI's to provide live business intelligence information. Once you have set up a widget here, you can view it on your home screen.


Account Balance

List all outstanding amounts and credits as of the current date and time. The report can be used to list all owing clients or detail amounts owed to specific practitioners.

Bank Transfers

Track bank transfer balances and payments, including which specific invoices and items the bank transfer payment was applied to.

Banking Sheet

Generate a summary of cash and cheque payments received under a particular Settlement Account.


Generate a summary or detailed listing of items billed within a date range, for individual clients or by practitioner.


Track cheque balances and payments, including which specific invoices and items the cheque payment was applied to.

GST Reconciliation

Track invoices, items and payments that are GST inclusive. The report can be generated for both cash and accrual accounting.

Item Codes

List active schedules and item codes, detailing the fee structure that applies by default for each fee category.


Report and manage invoices with an associated Medipass transaction.

Outstanding Invoices

Report and action invoices with a current outstanding balance.

Owing At

This report retrospectively excludes payments made after the selected date to calculate what amounts were owing as of that date. View the total amount owing to practitioners, businesses or professions as of a historical date.


Payments report to view items and payments made against invoices.


List all payment methods used in a date range, detailing the total value and number of payments for each payment type. Used to reconcile payments received against the values entered into Pracsuite.


Create and action statements in bulk to summarise patient invoices.

Stock Adjustments

Adjust the current level of stock for items within a business. Includes manual adjustment, stock arrival and stock-take options.

Stock Levels

List all stock items and the current stock levels of each business.


List all transactions in a date range, with filtering by business, profession, practitioner or settlement account.



Generates a list of appointments that were created, cancelled, rescheduled or missed within a date range. The report can be generated based on the appointment date or when the appointment was made, and can be filtered by business, profession or practitioner. This report can also be used to identify patients who cancelled or missed their appointment but have no future appointments.


Generate a summary of the appointment types booked within a date range, for individual patients or by practitioner. This report can also be used to identify appointments that remain unbilled or without a clinical note.

Day List

List all appointments in a date range, including notes and group appointments. Appointments can be grouped by practitioner, date or resources.

Future Appointments

List clients with an appointment in the specified date range and detail the future appointments of those clients. Used to identify clients with or without future appointments.

Time Management

Calculate the total time booked with each practitioner per item code or appointment type.


Active/Inactive Clients

Generates a list of patients based on whether they had a transaction within a specified date range. This report can be used to determine patients who were active within a range, inactive within a range, or a combination of both. The report is primarily used to find patients who were active previously but have since become inactive.


Identify clients with a birthday in the specified date range. Details the client's upcoming age, upon their birthday, and the total billed to each client.

Client List

Generates a list of all clients and allows filtering by demographic, appointment or transaction-based options.

Client Visit Average

The Client Visit Average is a calculation to show the number of times, on average, a practitioner has seen their clients per clinical episode. This can be used to indicate under-servicing or over-servicing by practitioners.


List clients with an active recall set in the future. The report can be filtered by recall date, recall type or by the assigned practitioner.


The Referrals Report generates a list of clients, doctors or entities that have referred a client within a specified period of time and displays the income generated for each referred client.


List clients with an active recall set in the future. The report can be filtered by recall date, recall type or by the assigned practitioner.

Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan Report generates a report for those clients with an active treatment plan. The details need to be set in the Treatment Plan section of the client billing details prior to viewing this report.

Saved Filters

PracSuite allows you to save your preferred report filters. This can be very useful if you regularly run reports with lots of filter combinations.

Scheduled Reports

All PracSuite reports include the ability to be automatically sent by email to specific contacts at specified intervals using the Scheduled Report feature.

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