As two separate products, there are key differences between PracSuite and Front Desk. This information should be used to determine if PracSuite is currently suitable for your practice. Due to the changing nature of software development, this list has been provided as a guide only. If you have any specific needs that are important to you, please contact the Business Care team.

Existing Front Desk users with an active Extended Care Plan have the option to transfer their existing patient data to PracSuite. Note that it is not possible to repeat data transfers or to move PracSuite data back to Front Desk.

What Front Desk features and integrations are not currently available in PracSuite?

  • HICAPS integration - The HICAPS terminal is unable to integrate with cloud-based products like PracSuite. Until HICAPS support this and can provide Smartsoft with the development tools to achieve this, you will need to manually punch in payments and claims into the terminal.

  • Scanner integration - A web browser is unable to communicate directly with a document scanner. You will need to scan the file to your computer before uploading it to PracSuite.

  • Xero integration (end of 2022)

  • NZ ACC integration

  • X-ray viewer and annotation tools

  • Any and all custom integrations and utilities developed by Smartsoft

What data is transferred from Front Desk to PracSuite?

The majority of your existing patient data on the following Front Desk patient file tabs is transferred to PracSuite:

  • General

  • Additional

  • Medicare/DVA card details

  • Billing Details

  • Appointments (a maximum of 24 months of past appointments are transferred)

  • Transactions (all payments are transferred as 'cash' payments, refunds are not transferred)

  • Tracking tab

  • Notes & Warnings

  • Clinical Notes including Autocompletes and Quick Buttons

  • Recalls (future recalls only)

  • Attachments

  • Contacts

  • X-rays

  • Events tab (migrated to the Tasks tab in PracSuite)

The following lists are also transferred to PracSuite as a part of the migration:

  • Fee Categories

  • Item Schedules

  • Item Codes (excluding stock levels & unit cost)

  • Appointment Types

  • Referring Doctors and Organisations

  • Linked third-party billers

  • Occupations

  • Suppliers

  • Clinical Note Auto-Completes

What existing data is not transferred from Front Desk to PracSuite?

To follow is a list of data that is not transferred to PracSuite and will remain accessible in Front Desk:

  • SMS tab history

  • Statements

  • Medicare/DVA claim history

  • Medical Specialist Referrals (this does not refer to standard referrals added to the Billing Details tab)

  • Quotations

  • Waiting List entries

  • Appointment Book Rules (replaced by Rosters in PracSuite)

  • Manual Appointment Book Rule Outs

  • Refunds

  • Payment methods – all payments are transferred to PracSuite as ‘cash’

  • Some clinical note data may not come across 100% as it appears on Front Desk i.e. there may be some minor formatting issues.

What Front Desk data needs to be added to PracSuite manually?

  • Practice Groups (now known as Businesses) and Practitioner files

  • Practitioner Rosters (replacing Appointment Book Rules in Front Desk)

  • User accounts and Roles (security permissions for users)

  • Clinical note templates

  • Letter templates

  • SMS templates

  • Email templates

  • Appointment resources

  • Stock levels & unit cost

What features need to be reconfigured once the data migration is complete?

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