A handy feature for Gmail users is the ability to create variations of your email address simply by adding some extra text to your primary email address. As PracSuite requires a unique email address per user, this can be very useful if you have a single Gmail email address and need to log into multiple PracSuite systems.

You do not need to enable any settings within your Gmail account for this to work. All you need to do is add '+YourTextHere' following the main part of your email address and before the @ symbol.

If your primary Gmail address is smartsoft@gmail.com you can add your business name as an extension to your email address for example by adding '+MyPractice' to the end of the first part of your email like so: smartsoft+mypractice@gmail.com

Emails sent to both smartsoft@gmail.com and smartsoft+mypractice@gmail.com will go to your inbox.

As an alternative to the above approach, you can also use @googlemail.com as a secondary address for your Gmail account e.g. smartsoft@googlemail.com instead of smartsoft@gmail.com

When creating new PracSuite user accounts, you can opt to register the user with a Gmail address in any of the above formats.

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