This article assumes you have signed up for a Health engine practice account.

Before using this integration, please contact Healthengine support and request that they enable the PMS partners integration API for your practice.

This article covers:

Before using this integration, please contact Healthengine support and request that they enable the PMS partners integration API for your practice.

Finding your Healthengine Practice ID

Log into your Healthengine practice account.

If you have multiple practices linked to your Healthengine account, ensure that you are logged into the correct practice using the drop-down list in the top right corner.

Copy your practice ID from the URL bar at the top of the page.

Enabling the Healthengine Integration in PracSuite

In PracSuite, go to Settings > Integrations > Healthengine.

Enable the integration switch and select Add.

A popup will appear for you to add the Practice ID found in the step above. Copy your Practice ID into the box and select Connect with Healthengine.

You will be directed to the Healthengine login screen. Login to your account and select the green tick to authorise connecting your Healthengine account to PracSuite.

You will be returned to PracSuite to continue configuring the integration.

You will need to choose the Appointment Types and Practitioners that you wish to make available for online booking via Healthengine. Select the setting cog buttons shown below to manage these lists.

Configuring Practitioner Settings in Healthengine

The next step is to configure the practitioner profiles on the Healthengine site.

Once logged into your Healthengine account, go to Settings > Manage Practitioners.

Select Add Practitioner.

Enter the practitioner details as required. When you reach the "Is this practitioner available for online appointments?" question, select Yes.

Select the associated PracSuite practitioner file from the drop-down list.

Select Add Practitioner to finalise this step.

Regarding the "Is this practitioner available for online bookings on public holidays?" question, if you've already ruled out public holidays in PracSuite, then no times on these dates will be sent to Healthengine. Respond to this question as you wish.

Repeat this process for all practitioner location and profession combinations as required.

Configuring Appointment Types in Healthengine

Once the practitioner has been added to Healthengine, remain in the Settings > Manage Practitioners section.

Select the Edit appointment types button alongside their name to choose which appointment types can be booked via Healthengine for this practitioner.

Scroll down to find the Add Appointment Type button.

Use the Linked PMS Appointment list to map the Healthengine appointment type to the corresponding PracSuite appointment type. You will also need to specify whether the appointment type is available to new or existing patients, or both.

Note: The appointment type duration entered into Healthengine will be ignored as PracSuite will respect the appointment duration preferences as set within PracSuite in Settings > Appointment Book > Appointment Types.

Continue to select Add Appointment Type and repeat this above process until you've listed all appointment types that you want to make available for this practitioner.

Select Save All to finalise your changes for this practitioner.

Repeat this process for all practitioner profiles in Healthengine.

Appointment Availability

PracSuite will sync a maximum of 28 days of appointment availability to Healthengine.

Time considered as available for Healthengine online bookings follows the same principles as PracSuite online bookings. Click here for further details.

Processing Healthengine Guest Bookings

All bookings made via Healthengine will appear as guest bookings in the alerts menu in the same way as guest bookings made via the PracSuite online booking system.

Click on the Healthengine Guest Booking alert to start the processing step.

To complete the process, the Process Guest screen will appear for you to select an existing patient to link the Health engine booking to, or to create a new patient file.

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