Congratulations on completing your migration to PracSuite! We highly recommend reading through our post-migration checklist, which contains tips on how to get the most of your new system.

1. Manual Data Entry

The first task following your migration is to manually transfer into PracSuite any data entered into your old software since Smartsoft collected a backup of your data.

2. Settings to Review

3. Training Recordings

If your team needs a refresher, click the links below to access our training videos.

Admin Training

The Admin Training session includes:

  • Working with patient files.

  • Creating and managing appointments.

  • Invoicing and payments.

  • Basic end-of-day reporting.

Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Training session includes:

  • Creating and managing clinical notes.

  • Clinical note templates.

  • Advanced reporting.

4. How to Get Help

The ? Help option in the top menu bar contains links to our Knowledge Base, Live Chat and telephone support options. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you require any assistance.

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