PracSuite Setup Guide
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The article outlines the PracSuite setup process including:

Welcome Email

To begin the owner of the account must complete their PracSuite registration process. This process begins with a simple Welcome Email that will be sent to the account holder. If you have not received your Welcome Email, please contact Smartsoft support.

After clicking the Get Started button, they will be asked to set their Password and Security Questions.

Upon logging in for the first time the user can then configure their Two-Factor Authentication as per the following article: Setting up 2FA

Once logged in you are officially ready to start setting up your PracSuite account!

Setup Widget

To help you through the setup process, we recommend adding the Setup Checklist widget to your PracSuite Home Screen.

Select the Customise button in the top right of your Home Screen and drag and drop the PracSuite Setup Checklist widget as shown below:

After adding the widget, you'll find helpful links to articles and video guides, as well as a handy checklist to keep track of your progress.

​The following articles will also guide you through the essential areas of PracSuite so you can begin:

PracSuite Setup Essentials

The following must be completed prior to your data migration:

  1. General System Settings
    Enter the details of your PracSuite account.
    General preferences.
    SMS / email preferences.

  2. Settlement Accounts
    Enter banking details for incoming payments.

  3. Businesses
    Create business entities and locations.

    Set invoicing and banking preferences for each business.

    Configure outbound email settings for each business.

  4. Professions
    Create professions to represent the services you provide (e.g. 'physiotherapy')

  5. Rosters
    Create rosters to determine when practitioners are available for appointments.

  6. Practitioner files
    Create practitioner files, which are linked to both businesses and professions.

    Apply rosters and set availability per practitioner.

  7. Users and Roles
    Create users and roles, allowing access to the PracSuite system.

  8. SMS Templates
    Create SMS templates.

  9. Email Templates
    Create Email templates.

  10. Letter templates
    Create Letter templates.

If you are importing data from another system, please DO NOT add any of the following unless directed by Smartsoft:

  • Appointment Types

  • Item Codes

  • Fee Categories

  • Tags

  • Third-Party Payers

  • Referring Doctors

  • Referring Organisations

These may be added automatically through our data migration services, depending on your original system and the level of transfer arranged with Smartsoft. If you are uncertain, please discuss with Smartsoft before adding data manually.

You can create a few test patient files for training purposes but please limit the number of these patients to 10 or under. Creating too many patient files before the transfer can cause delays with the transfer itself as these need to be manually removed before the transfer can start.

Booking Your Training Sessions

With the setup process complete, you are now ready to begin training. The fastest way to complete your training is by joining a Group Training session. This is a live session with Smartsoft that is open to all PracSuite users and provides an opportunity to ask questions.

There are two Group Training sessions, each with a different focus:

1. Admin Training

The Admin Training session includes:

  • Working with patient files.

  • Creating and managing appointments.

  • Invoicing and payments.

  • Basic end-of-day reporting.

Can't join the live training session?

2. Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Training session includes:

  • Creating and managing clinical notes.

  • Clinical note templates.

  • Advanced reporting.

Can't join the live training session?

Medipass (Optional)

Medipass is the backbone of Medicare and DVA online claiming in PracSuite. If you're using the Medicare and DVA Online claiming functions in Front Desk, the Medipass integration is the equivalent in PracSuite. The main difference is that Medipass charges per claim. Further information regarding Medipass pricing can be found here.

You will need to set up your Medipass account before you migrate, but DO NOT submit the paperwork to Medicare until 5 days prior to your data migration. Submitting the paperwork for online claiming via Medipass will DEACTIVATE any existing Medicare & DVA Online claiming functionality you have in place in Front Desk or other software.

If you choose not to use the Medipass integration, the only other integrated method of Medicare claiming is via the Tyro terminal. You can learn more about the differences between Medicare claiming via Medipass and Tyro here.

The Medipass integration also supports additional, optional features, including cardless health fund claiming, WorkCover QLD claiming, icare NSW, claiming, online booking payments, and saving patient payment card info. More information about the Medipass integration can be found here.

Tyro (Optional)

PracSuite also offers integration with Tyro, which we encourage users to consider. Many businesses prefer to use a physical terminal for health fund claiming, which is possible with Tyro and our integrated features.

Booking your data migration

Once you have completed your setup and training for PracSuite you are now ready to book your migration date. This is the day we will migrate your data from your old system into PracSuite, and the day you will go live!

We highly encourage you to read through the Front Desk data migration frequently asked questions below:

Call us on 1800 18 18 20 and speak to our helpdesk team and make a booking.

Need help?

Have a question about PracSuite? Please use the Live Chat service within PracSuite to contact Smartsoft and we'll do our best to help.

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