1. Go to Settings > Users & Security > Users & Security

2. Click Add

3. Enter the Users Details.

Note: We strongly encourage that a unique user account is created per staff member so that user activity can be recorded in the audit log accurately. We do not recommend sharing PracSuite user logins.


1. IP Barring can be used to restrict where a user can log in from, and can allow access only when a user is logging in from your business office locations for example. For details refer to the Setting Up IP Barring Rules article.

2. Access Schedules can restrict when a user can log in to PracSuite, and can be used to prevent or allow access outside of your business hours. For details refer to the Setting Up Access Schedules article.

Roles and Access

1. Assign a Role to the user. Roles specify what areas and information a user can access in PracSuite. For details on creating Roles, see our Setting Up Roles article. You can also specify if the user is a practitioner and link the user with their associated Practitioner File.

2. You can limit a user's Data Access to only data associated with a specific Business, Profession or Practitioner. This can be set for General Information, Reports, and Clinical Notes access.

3. Click Save to finalise your changes.

4. Click Yes to send a Welcome Email to the users email address. The welcome email will contain a link for the user to set up their password and security questions.

Welcome Email and Password Setup

1. The welcome email will be sent to the user's email address. They can click the Get Started button to verify their email address and set up their password for PracSuite.

2. The user will need to set up a password that meets the following password criteria

3. Users will also need to set up security questions. These are used to verify the user in the event a password reset is attempted.

4. The user will then be prompted to return to the login screen

5. The user will now be able to login to PracSuite with their email address and password they specified.

Two Factor Authentication Setup (2FA)

1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all PracSuite users. When initially logging into PracSuite, the user will be prompted with the following screen. The user can choose to skip this step up to 5 times, after which you will be required to set up 2FA before logging in again.

2. Users can download the free Google Authentication app onto their mobile device. This will be used to manage their randomly generated 2FA codes.

3. In the Google Authentication App, click the Add button, then scan the on-screen QR Code, or use the key to manually enter the code.

4. Your authentication app should now display a randomly generated 2FA code every 60 seconds. Enter your current code to complete the 2FA setup.

5. Each time the user attempts logs in, they will be prompted for their random 2FA code. If you are logging in from a trusted device, tick the Trust this device for 7 days option, and subsequent logins from this device will not require a 2FA code for the next 7 days.

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