This article aims to answer many frequently asked questions regarding the Front Desk to PracSuite migration process including:

What data is transferred from Front Desk?

Further information regarding Front Desk data transfer inclusions and exclusions can be found here.

What needs to be completed prior to your data migration date?

Setup and training must be completed prior to your data migration date. Further information about the PracSuite setup process can be found here.

Can I access Front Desk after the data migration?

Following your migration to PracSuite, you will have complimentary access to Front Desk indefinitely into the future for archival purposes should you require it. You will not be actively using Front Desk to record new information. You can also request for your copy of Front Desk to be made read-only to ensure no further changes are made.

Can I still use my HICAPS terminal with PracSuite?

Yes. HICAPS users can use their terminal manually alongside PracSuite without issue.

Note that the HICAPS terminal is currently unable to integrate with any cloud-based products like PracSuite. Until HICAPS can provide Smartsoft with the development tools to achieve this, you will need to manually punch in payments and claims into the terminal. If you're happy to use the HICAPS terminal in this way, then there is no need to consider other options.

If an integrated terminal experience is a must for your practice, your only option is to look at setting up a Tyro terminal, which can be integrated with PracSuite.

What is Medipass and do I need to use Medipass for Medicare & DVA claiming?

Medipass is the backbone of Medicare and DVA online claiming in PracSuite. If you're using the Medicare and DVA Online claiming functions in Front Desk, the Medipass integration is the equivalent in PracSuite. The main difference is that Medipass charges per claim. Further information regarding Medipass pricing can be found here.

You will need to set up your Medipass account before you migrate, but DO NOT submit the paperwork to Medicare until 5 days prior to your data migration. Submitting the paperwork for online claiming via Medipass will DEACTIVATE any existing Medicare & DVA Online claiming functionality you have in place in Front Desk or other software.

If you choose not to use the Medipass integration, the only other integrated method of Medicare claiming is via the Tyro terminal. You can learn more about the differences between Medicare claiming via Medipass and Tyro here.

The Medipass integration also supports additional, optional features, including cardless health fund claiming, WorkCover QLD claiming, icare NSW, claiming, online booking payments, and saving patient payment card info. More information about the Medipass integration can be found here.

Does Medipass replace my HICAPS or Tyro terminal?

Medipass is a completely virtual solution (i.e it is not a physical terminal) and for the majority of practices, Medipass will not replace your physical HICAPS or Tyro terminal.

The majority of PracSuite users only require Medipass for Medicare & DVA online claiming. They will continue using their HICAPS or Tyro terminal for card payments and health fund claims.

As mentioned above, the Medipass integration also supports additional, optional features including cardless health fund claiming, WorkCover QLD claiming, icare NSW, claiming, online booking payments, and saving patient payment card info. More information about the Medipass integration can be found here.

What happens on your data migration date?

Please find a general overview of the final data migration date and process below:

  • We will obtain a backup of your existing Front Desk data. The size of your Front Desk backup will determine whether we obtain a backup the evening before or morning of your final migration date so that we have enough time to complete the process.

  • Any data entered into Front Desk after the backup process commences will not be transferred to PracSuite and will need to be manually re-entered once your PracSuite data migration is complete.

  • Our aim is to minimise your downtime. For most practices, the data migration process will reach a point when where you can start using the system by late afternoon on your migration date. We will call you to confirm when the process is at this point and give you the all-clear to start using PracSuite. Some historical data such as clinical notes great than two years old will continue to be uploaded into the evening.

  • Note that you will need to re-enter into PracSuite any data you’ve added to Front Desk since we have taken the initial backup for the migration process.

What happens after the data migration?

By mid-late afternoon on your data migration date, our team will call to confirm that your data migration is complete. After this time, you will need to start using PracSuite. Once you've received this call, we highly recommend reviewing the following within PracSuite:

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