What are Campaigns?

Campaigns allow you to automate sending a group of SMS or emails to your clients based on the results of a saved report on an ongoing recurring basis. It is important to note that the clients that messaged through each recurrence of a campaign may change based on the updated result of the saved report at the time of sending a communication. An example would be a campaign that runs at 10:00 am every day to sends a post-treatment survey form to "All New Patients that were seen Yesterday".

Other examples of how to use Campaigns

  • Sending weekly/monthly recall notices

  • Engaging with Active/Inactive patients

  • Sending weekly/monthly birthday wishes to patients

­čĺíNote: Campaigns can only be sent to patients that are opted into SMS and email marketing.

Creating a Campaign

To create a campaign, go to Reports > Campaigns.

Select Edit in the top left.

Select the Add Campaign button.

You will then need to select the following preferences for your campaign:

1. Choose your report

Select the report that returns a list of patients to target with the campaign.

2. Saved Filters

Choose the filters to apply for the campaign. If you have not already saved a set of filters for the report, follow these instructions.

3. Type

The Campaign Type determines how the message will be sent to the patient.

  • Email - The message will be sent to patients opted into email marketing

  • SMS - The message will be sent to patients opted into SMS marketing

  • Prefer Email - PracSuite will send an email to patients that have both an email and mobile number on their file, and then SMS the remaining patients without.

  • Prefer SMS - PracSuite will SMS the message to those with an SMS, and then email patients without a mobile number on their file.

­čĺíNote: Campaigns can only be sent to patients that are opted into SMS and email marketing.

4. Business

When emailing campaigns, this will determine which business' outbound email settings to use.

5. SMS/Email Template

Choose the SMS and/or email template to use for the campaign.

6. Frequency

Choose how often this campaign should run. Based on the selected frequency, PracSuite will run the report using your chosen saved filters and then send the email/SMS message to the patients that appear in the report results accordingly.

Select Save to finalise your changes.

Viewing the Campaign Log

Go to Reports > Campaigns and select Log.

The log will confirm how many emails and SMS were sent for each campaign.

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