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How to Submit a Medicare Patient Claim via Medipass
How to Submit a Medicare Patient Claim via Medipass
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A Medicare Patient Claim results in the rebate being paid back to the patient or claimant after the patient has made payment in full for the Medicare fee plus any potential gap charged by the practice.

After adding items to an invoice, the option to process a Medicare Patient Claim via Medipass will appear. If you do not see the Medicare claim options after adding an item, ensure that the item added is enabled for Medicare claiming. More information on item code claim options can be found here.

Click Medicare Patient Claim to start the claiming process.

The next screen will preview the claim and give you the option to verify card details and edit details if necessary.

Select who will claim the benefit, the patient or someone else. Someone else refers to an alternate claimant, usually a parent or guardian. For information on how to set up an alternate claimant, click here.

Click Continue to Payment.

The final step of the claiming process is to confirm how the patient will be paying in full for the service, including any gap charged by the practice. You have the choice to pay via card or other.

Select Other to indicate that the patient will pay the practice externally from Medipass e.g. via cash or your physical payment terminal.

Select Payment Card to process the payment using the integration Medipass payment solution. When selecting Payment Card, the following option will be available:

  • Enter Card Details - (By obtaining consent from the patient, you can save their card details for future use).

  • SMS To Patient - Sends an SMS containing a link for the patient to pay on their own device with their credit card details or using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Create Link - Generates a link that can be manually sent to the patient.

After finalising your payment method selections, click Submit to finalise the claiming process.

Medicare claims submitted via Medipass are generally paid within 48 hours of submission.

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