You can add a calendar link (iCal) to PracSuite's SMS and email appointment reminders that allow clients to tap the link on their device to add the appointment to their calendar on their personal devices. In addition to being provided additional information regarding the appointment, depending on the device being used, the client will receive a reminder of when to leave for the appointment and turn by turn GPS navigation information to your practice. This is a great feature to reduce "no shows" and to get your clients to their appointments on time.


When creating or editing an SMS Template via Settings > Templates > SMS Templates, use the Appointment dropdown under Client Fields to insert the Appointment iCal Link tag.


Go to Settings > Templates > Email templates and create or edit an email template. Use the Appointment dropdown under Client Fields and select Appointment iCal Link. While editing an email template this copies the tag to your clipboard as you can use client fields in the body and subject of the email. Put the cursor where you would like to use the tag, and right-click > paste or press CTRL V to place the client field in your email template.

Once your template has been created or edited with this function. Review your automatic SMS and Email appointment reminder settings to ensure that the correct template is being used.

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